The role of gut bacteria in your microbiota

Did you know that your health depends on the bacteria in your gut? Your gut and its bacteria don’t exist just to break down the pizza you just ate and extract nutrients. In fact, the gut and its bacteria affect your immune system, mood, and even behavior. It sounds a bit scary – right? So let’s see what the gut bacteria are actually up to. Then you can get a better understanding of them and how they make you happier.

The Residents of Your Stomach

May we introduce you to the residents of your belly? To be honest, there is a huge community with 100 billion bacteria. The species that lives with you, in its special quantity, is as unique as your fingerprint. You may be wondering when your residents moved in with you? Right when you were born. When your parents heard you scream for the first time, the microbes were already present in your intestines. Experts also call your gut community, i.e. all your gut bacteria, the microbiota.

The battle between the microbes: good vs. bad

Things are not always peaceful in your gut. Just like in a Hollywood movie, there’s a battle going on between good and bad bacteria. Because the intestines are also filled with harmful bacteria that eat away at the nutrients from the peaceful residents. If the bad microbes gain power, you’re likely to notice this, for example by flatulence, diarrhea, or a higher susceptibility to infections. If the good bacteria get the upper hand, your intestines will feel good and run well-lubricated, which will also have a positive effect on your well-being in the rest of the body.

70-80% of immune cells are produced in the gut

Microbiota trains your immune system

Are you aware of the important role the gut and its bacteria play in your immune system? 70-80% of immune cells are produced in the gut. Why exactly there? Because the gut is the body’s largest contact surface with the outside world. In this important protective wall, it is decided which substances are allowed to enter the body and which intruders are to be turned away. Your defense force also includes the gut bacteria. Big thanks to your microbiota!

Your microbiota – the superorgan

The community of gut bacteria is like a superorgan that performs important services for your body. The gut bacteria can even neutralize some toxic substances. They promote the absorption of nutrients and can, for example, form vitamins B and K. They also regulate the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. A super organ that also makes you happy – we think that’s great!

Darm und Hirn kommunizieren

Intestinal communication

“Gut brain to head brain, gut brain to head brain, shifts!” When the gut communicates with the brain – yes, they actually talk to each other – the gut bacteria also have a great influence on communication.

It’s impressive what the bacteria in the gut do for us, don’t you think? We should really be grateful that they live with us. Therefore, we must be as nice to them as possible. There are some things that our friendly helpers don’t like very much. Unhealthy nutrition or stress, illnesses or antibiotic treatments, but also travel or simply getting older affects them. On the other hand, it’s relatively easy to keep your gut and microbiota happy. For example, try to eat as varied as possible, and “feed” your beneficial gut bacteria with, for example, probiotic or fiber-rich foods (Readmore here.). Keep your stress levels low and take a little break from time to time. Get some exercise in the fresh air and enjoy some wonderful hours with family and friends. You see, everything that makes the intestines healthy and happy, also makes you healthy and happy – and vice versa!